Life is about what you do to other people!

Tier One Tranquility Base was founded in 2010 to help mitigate the rising Veteran Suicides in America among returning Veterans. As of 2015, five thousand, nine hundred and eighty four soldiers died in combat since 9/11. A staggering one hundred and sixty THOUSAND Veterans have taken their own lives in that exact same time frame. Read that again and think about that...

“We train our soldiers to go to War, we don’t train
them to come home!”

TOTB was founded on the principle that soldiers deserve better training. By the time they leave the service, they are between four and six years behind their peer group. They leave the military with no job intentions, no income, no training that works in the civilian world, often times they have TBI, PTSD and physical injuries …but the most telling issue is “The Moral Wounds of War”. They carry in their heart and soul something so dark, something so deep they can’t tell anyone else. This “thing” eats them from the inside out. But it’s the “thing under the thing” that eventually terminates their life.

TOTB programs were developed to train our soldiers to come home. We start at the very basic level and build upon years of dedicated, uncompromising truth in conscious living and clarity of intention in life. Because it truly does not matter what happened… what matters is what you do next!

Come to Tier One Tranquility Base and learn a new skill set to fight the next battle. The “Battle of Ft. Livingroom”. Welcome Home. Now let’s crack that black heart and let some life back in!

Our Team

Steven Kuryla

Mr. Kuryla joined the service in 1976 and deployed to the walled in city of West Berlin at the height of the Cold War. Over the 30 year career as an Intelligence Officer, Mr. Kuryla served at the National, Strategic and Tactical levels of U.S. Intelligence. His initial assignment set him on a course for continued high intensity missions and Chief met each one with the same enthusiasm, dedication to mission and professionalism that he emulated from those Tier One Warriors around him. He served at Field Station Berlin, as well as other assignments within Berlin Brigade, for the U.S. Intelligence and Security Command covering the Soviet Illicit Agent network and Russian Soviet Special Operations (Spetznaz) where he was nominated and recognized for the INSCOM Commander’s Trophy for Operational Excellence. He left Europe in 1985 after several deployments to “denied territory” and accepted an appointment as a Chief Warrant Officer in the United States Army. Mr. Kuryla returned to the U.S. after several more years in Europe as Current Intelligence Operations Officer for the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Europe. Chief returned to the US in time for Just Cause in Panama and a much longer stay at Ft. Bragg, N.C. stationed at both XVIII Abn Corps, 82nd Abn Div G2 and 525 MI Bde to name a few.

Follow on missions led to Chief’s involvement in Haiti, Bogota, Central and South America, Liberia, the Balkans, central and north Africa and the Middle East. He was medically retired in 2000 and returned to civilian life working in the Covert Operations and Intelligence field with Federal Law Enforcement. Due to worsening medical situations, Chief left the Intelligence industry in 2006 and founded Tier One Tranquility Base.

Dave Mayeski
Vice President

David Mayeski joined the Air Force in his junior year of high school at the age of 17, after 13 month of delayed enlistment. Immediately after graduation in 1989, David enlisted as a Law Enforcement Specialist and went on active duty. He was initially assigned to Dover AFB in Delaware. David served in Operation Desert Shield/Storm at Dhahran Air Base in Saudi Arabia. After returning from Saudi Arabia, David spent two years training and competing in Defender Challenge and Peacekeeper competitions. In 1993 David cross trained into the Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape (SERE) career field. As a SERE specialist, David taught air crew and combatants how to survive in any biome, under any condition to evade capture and if caught, to resist interrogation/exploitation, to communicate in captivity, to escape and work toward repatriation.

Since separating from the military in 1996 David has been in public service as a police officer and federal agent. Over his nearly 30 year career David served as a narcotics investigator, SWAT officer, Sniper, marine patrol tactician, firearms instructor, boating instructor, police diver, dive evaluator, academy instructor, high angle rescue technician, and DARE officer. David is currently beyond his retirement commitment with the federal government and his looking for his next civilian agency to continue serving.

David has a firm understanding of who he is in relation to our creator and is always looking for opportunities to share. He doesn't have a church and doesn't ascribe to any formal religion, but his always willing to share his faith and experiences when asked.

George Radanovich
Board Member

A California native with over 40 years of experience as a United States Congressman, Winery owner and Entrepreneur, Consultant and County Supervisor, George is an incredible asset to Tier One Tranquility Base.

George brings to Tier One a rolodex of deep, long term relationships with California and Washington D.C. government officials at all levels. His connection to Veteran issues runs deep and will benefit our returning Veterans in a multitude of ways.

He is a pioneer in his own right, having planted the very first Vineyard in Mariposa County and opening the first Winery in Mariposa since Prohibition. He was the first wine maker in Congress since Thomas Jefferson.

As a proven, successful consultant and office holder, Radanovich worked tirelessly on government, wine, agriculture, water and labor issues, and leading the California delegation on water and foreign agriculture worker issues.

George has also shown his outstanding skills in Non-Profit organizations, negotiation, strategy and fundraising. He is sure to be a major asset to the Tier One team and we look forward to benefitting from his grass roots organizing skills and strong analytical abilities.

The people of California proved their love, dedication, trust and honor of Radanovich in 1994 when he won the election with the largest margin of victory over an incumbent that year.

George met “Chief” in 2012 and was reintroduced this year while researching veteran’s issues for a local speech. It was then that he learned the plight of returning combat Veterans and the enormous suicide rate. Since that time, George has been deeply involved in research and the heart felt need to mitigate the rising suicide rate of post 9/11 Veterans. "Giving back to those who gave so much" isn't just a bumper sticker quote. It's a duty to us all and George exemplifies the characteristics of a truly great American rolling up his sleeves and diving in to help fix the problem. We all look forward to a long and fruitful relationship at Tier One Tranquility Base. Because "Life is about what you do to other people!"

Ernesto Gomez
Board Member

Mr. Gomez was born and raised in Merced California, living there for most of his life. Growing up in the south side of town, Ernesto soon came to realize that life had more to offer than the status quo he experienced during his younger years up through high school. Mr. Gomez attended California State University, Stanislaus, where he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice with an emphasis in Corrections. Along the way, he also enrolled in Psychology and Sociology courses, which would lead him to be a very well-rounded individual capable of understanding people, their needs and motivations, with the added benefit of reaching a broader number of individuals since he is also fluent in Spanish.
This educational history, lead Mr. Gomez to work with the local High School District as a Gang, Drug, & Crisis Intervention Counselor from 2001 to 2006 where he excelled in saving teens and adults from suicide, gang life, and drug use. After a tragic loss in his personal family, Mr. Gomez totally changed gears and decided to go into the Real Estate and Finance world. Ernesto has been a Branch Manager and Sr. Mortgage Loan Originator of the Merced branch, operating his very own branch since 2017. Due to his dedication, professionalism and focus, Mr. Gomez has achieved Top Salesman of The Year Awards from 2007 to 2014. He has also received the President’s Award and/or President’s Club during 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017.
Aside from Mr. Gomez’s career, he is currently a member of the Board of Director’s for Golden Valley Health Centers since February of 2016 and has served as the Treasurer since February of 2018. Mr. Gomez is also on the Board of Directors with the Merced County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. He is very active with Charitable causes, helping to sponsor and raise money for such entities as Young Professionals Network, the Miracle Children’s Network, Realtors of Merced County Christmas bike giveaways and Adopt a Family Sponsorships during the holidays, to name a few.
The impact Ernesto has made on other humans is evident. We at Tier One call this "The Ripple Effect" and are proud to know that even after years, sometimes decades, Mr. Gomez is sought out by parents and former students looking to him for life coaching and for additional Life Counseling. Ernesto has a way of connecting with these "at risk" individuals and truly cares for them when it's obvious not too many other people in their lives really care. Ernesto continues to have an open-door policy for any and all of his past students and reaches out to expand his influence to others. He truly exemplifies the "Tier One" spirit as his personal lifestyle emulates the Tier One mission statement. It's evident that he values relationships and goes the extra mile to help others become better people.
Mr. Gomez is a married man and a proud father of five children and one grandchild. Mr. Gomez and his entire family enjoy staying fit together and doing family activities. During his free time, when he is not helping others, Mr. Gomez enjoys staying active and is involved with snowboarding, hiking, mountain biking, racquetball and his current passion of running Spartan Runs. We at "Tier One Tranquility Base" are proud to have him on our Team!

Bart Chambers
Board Member

Bart Chambers is a 21-year military veteran having served in the United States Navy from March 6, 1984 to April 2, 2005 as a Navy Corpsman. He Joined the Navy between his Junior and Senior year in high school and upon graduation, went on active duty for tech school and assignment as a Gunner Mate. In 1987 he did a rate change to Corpsman and graduated from the Naval School of Health Science in San Diego. After completing Field Medical Service School, Bart was assigned to 1st Battalion 23rd Marines and deployed to Operation Desert Shield/Storm with 2nd Battalion 23rd Marines. Post deployment, Bart transferred to 4th Light Armored Reconnaissance (4th LAR) Battalion until October 2000 where he was assigned to Inshore Boat Unit 16 (IBU 16). He was deployed numerous times with IBU 16 and to the Middle East for Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF). Upon returning from deployment he returned to 4th LAR where he retired in April of 2005 as a first class Petty Officer (HM1 FMF) as the Senior Battalion Medical Advisor.

Bart's service to this nation spans over 30 years in public safety. Prior to becoming the State Fire Marshal for the state of Nevada, Bart worked at CAL FIRE and held numerous positions within CAL FIRE throughout the state of California. His experience includes positions as Fire Apparatus Engineer (FAE), Fire Captain, Fire Captain Specialist, Battalion Chief, Division Chief and Deputy Chief. He was also a sworn state peace officer for CAL FIRE’s law enforcement program for over 12 years. He retired from CAL FIRE as the Deputy Chief of Law Enforcement at CAL FIRE’s Headquarters in Sacramento overseeing law enforcement operations and 172 peace officers. He was instrumental in enhancing the departments law enforcement program prior to retiring and going to Nevada.

In March of 2017, Bart became the 11th State Fire Marshal for the State of Nevada's Department of Public Safety and currently oversees state firefighter training, the State Emergency Response Commission, Fire Investigation Law Enforcement, Licensing of fire protection companies, Hazardous Materials reporting, and Fire Engineering and inspections. He is also a sworn state peace officer in the State of Nevada.

Professionally he is a member of the international Association of Fire Chiefs, International Association of Police Chiefs, International Association of Arson Investigators, National Association Fire Investigators, Fraternal Order of Police, National Fire Protection Association and International Fire Marshal Association. He is also a member of the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars. He is finishing a degree in Homeland Security/Emergency Management. Bart has three adult children and three grandchildren.

Debbie Issac

Deborah “Debbie” Isaacs was nominated to be the Treasurer of Tier One Tranquility Base for a very good reason. From 1985 through 2017, she worked for and held numerous positions in Mariposa County. On June 3, 2014 she was elected Auditor of Mariposa County. As Auditor she was the chief financial officer for the County of Mariposa. The Auditor’s office directed all financial transactions by exercising financial control all over County expenditures and revenues. Her responsibilities included receipting and disbursing all County monies, maintaining various property tax rolls, calculating taxes and apportioning tax collections and completing numerous financial reports.

Debbie started working for Mariposa County as a part time employee in 1985 while raising two sons with her husband Dave. While working full time she went back to school to obtain a degree in accounting from Merced College. She graduated with honors and was named outstanding accounting student the year she graduated. She knows what it is like to work hard and reap the benefits that come over decades of dedication and hard work, five meters at a time. Her outstanding service was documented by County resolution number 17-827 which states in part, “provided excellent service to the County throughout her career as she diligently worked her way up the ranks, ultimately reaching the highest level and being elected Mariposa County Auditor on June 3, 2014. Debbie retired from County service in December 2017. She always had an admirable sense of responsibility to make sure that public funds were properly accounted for and administered in adherence to all governing laws and regulations, continuously worked with other departments to solve accounting issues. She oversaw several successful tax audits from the State of California and made vital contributions to the completion the County Budget and the County’s financial statements each fiscal year, often working late and coming in on weekends to ensure complex tasks in accounting and reporting met deadlines and were completed professionally and without error. The stringent requirements of this job held Debbie to a standard, the consequences of error meant fines and fees which would consume public money. Debbie took every task to heart as a lifestyle choice and provided unparalleled service to the County of Mariposa over her career. We very much look forward to her continued steadfast dedication to fiscal responsibility and integrity with all our funds.

Debbie is the mother of two sons, both of whom learned valuable lessons from Debbie that made them successful people in life. One of her sons founded California Special Needs Law Group which advocates and protects the education and developmental rights of individuals with exceptional needs. Her other son worked for Cal Fire for 20 years working his way up to Assistant Chief while serving part of that time in the United States Marine Corps reserve as a heavy equipment operator, a Navy Reserve Corpsman with time attached to both Recon and In-Shore Boat Units for force protection in the Persian Gulf.

The family tradition of service to this great nation continues as Debbie joined Tier One Tranquility Base to pursue our mission of mitigating Veteran suicide. The insight and perspective a mother has for their own sons, combined with the love of a Soldier Son will have major effect on the conduct of Tier One Tranquility Base’s mission as well.