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Isaiah 6:8

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”



Arc Angel Six was "Chief's" callsign in the Middle East documented in the eight book series, "Six Days to Zeus". Written by Samuel Hill, the first book, called "Alive Day", is now optioned by Phoenix Pictures with Mike Medevoy and executive producer Phillip Noyce to become a movie. The series documents the journey of a Tier One Warrior from mortal injury thru the recovery process of coming home to divorce. As a homeless Veteran for two years, wheelchair bound with no hope for any real future, Chief lived the life of a Wounded Warrior working thru PTSD and coming home to fight the "Battle of Ft. Livingroom". Book two, "Please don't call me Hero!" continues the journey of recovery, fighting PTSD and "The Moral Wounds of War", which resonates deeply with many returning Veterans. The follow on recovery documented in book three, "Walking off the War." leads the reader to a journey of hope, medical miracles and the awakening that there is life after War. Book four returns to the Cold War in 1976 thru 1985 in Berlin Covert Operations and Intelligence missions that brings the reader up close and personal into the life of this young soldier and how the imprinting and programming of his childhood and early military, pre-disposed Chief for a lifetime of missions resulting in trauma, medical catastrophe and eventually, a life of peace and contentment. As a result of this journey, Tier One Tranquility Base was founded to help other returning Veterans negotiate the path to peace.

"We train our soldiers to go to War, we don't train them to come home!"

Please check out the Author Website at "" to learn more about the first four books in the Six Days to Zeus series, the reviews posted under "What Others are Saying" and the first publicity thru "Variety Magazine" in Hollywood referencing the movie and those involved.