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Where is your money going to go? To men and women who stepped up and went to WAR for this country. I've said it numerous times... "We train our soldiers to go to War, we don't train them to come home!" We give our soldiers every available piece of equipment, body armor, communications, weapons, air support, tactics and leadership...all to prosecute War. But when we come home, there is no armor to protect our hearts, no air support to help heal our soul and no protection, no training, no mentors or leadership to bring us back to Ft. Livingroom and teach us how to FIT BACK INTO the very same SOCIETY we protected with our lives.

The Taliban and ISIS, the enemies of America WIN every time an American Veteran commits suicide. We need to get into the middle of this crisis and take ACTION! But we can't do it without your help.

Since 2010, we've been working to find programs that work. And now, after eight plus years of being "off the radar", the enormity of the issue mandates that we GO PUBLIC and ask for help.

It costs over $1000 a WEEK to keep a soldier in a hotel, feed them and transport him/her to the programs. Eventually, we intend to buy or build a suitable "Warrior Village" where everyone is in the same grid square, where we don't have to pay for lodging, where we can cook and provide meals at a decent rate and transport them with our own vehicles instead of paying extra. There are so many moving parts that we've learned over the years. But for now, we need your help in funding this program.


There is a huge myth that Veterans with disabilities are making a good living on benefits that are paid. HERE IS THE REALITY!

  • Every Veteran that's rated with a disability rating is rated based on their RANK and the number of years served.

  • In some cases, soldiers only served 3 or 4 years at a Private E-1 rating, up to a Sergeant E-5. That STILL puts them at a poverty level income.

  • Add in the fact that the VA only pays a 10% rating for losing a limb, that means one arm equals 10% disability. Same for losing a leg. So if a soldier loses one arm and one leg, it's still only 20% disability. That means they get 20% of their BASE PAY at whatever their rank and time in service was. PERIOD!

  • And THINK ABOUT THIS: If a soldier loses ALL FOUR LIMBS, they are only rated at 40%. With additional medical problems as "collateral damage", they are usually considered 100% disabled. But remember, that 100% is based on RANK and Time in Service. They are NOT making any money. Nor can they attain or maintain a job. Most still have a mortgage and car payments to make, children to feed and a family to support AND need medical assistance in their home. So how are they EVER going to pay for room and board, or transportation unless someone steps up and HELPS THEM! How are they EVER going to get SUBSTANTIVE HELP besides going to the VA and waiting on a list for up to two years? Or LONGER!

  • The reality is NOT 22 a Day. Only 1/3 of Veterans actually use the VA services. That means 2/3rds DO NOT and their suicides are NOT included into the VA data. Imagine what the REAL NUMBERS are?!

    Tier One Tranquility Base is the ONLY program out there designed BY Veterans, FOR VETERANS that deals with the SOUL! You can go find programs for PTSD, for Alcoholism, for new Carbon and Titanium artificial limbs. But no one else is dealing with “The Moral Wounds of War" and matters of the heart.


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