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George Radanovich

Board Member


As I go travel my own path through life, I have come to learn that we are all meant to overcome the obstacles presented to us. Overcoming the physical and moral wounds of war must be one of life's toughest challenges. I became aware of the alarming rate of Veteran suicides while gathering information for a speech I was asked to give to Rotarians and local Veterans. The suicide rate shocks the conscience of every American, yet our country and our communities seem ill equipped to stem the tide. I knew then that I needed to be part of the solution.

For a Veteran, recovery often means going beyond the influence of PTSD and dealing with unresolved personal issues inflamed by the violence and trauma of war. We spend much of our lives working through what we did or did not get in our childhood. I appreciate a program that takes this into account. Such events are common to all of us, so in a sense, this program has something for everyone.

Veterans need our help to heal, to re-integrate back into American society and become productive members. As a former Congressman and lifelong resident of Mariposa, I accepted the invitation to work with Tier One Tranquility Base and I will do what I can to make sure our community steps up to this challenge.