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A message from our founder:

You’ve either heard of Tier One Tranquility Base (TOTB) from someone, or your search has led you to this page. TOTB was founded as an alternative to the isolation and pill protocol we all have experienced since leaving the military. I’ve often said, “We train our soldiers to go to War, we don’t train them to come home!”.

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Facts About Our Soldiers

Over a third of post-9/11 veterans used or were enrolled in VA health care in 2016.

Which means two thirds are NOT using Veterans Administration health care. Under 6 percent were without health insurance of any kind.

Young veterans face high rates of unemployment, poverty and homelessness.

Post-9/11 veterans ages 18 to 24 years have an unemployment rate (16.2 percent) is more than double the rate for post-9/11 veterans ages 25 years and older.

Post-9/11 veterans have the highest percentage of any wartime cohort reporting a service-connected disability (36.1 percent).

But this is not accurate information. There are still MANY Veterans not using the VA Health Care system, so their data and disabilities are not included.