Program Objectives

"Cracking black hearts to let some life back in..."

1. We use the A.C. E. score to educate the Veteran and their family about Adverse Childhood Experiences and how trauma has impacted the Veteran from birth and even PRE-DISPOSED them to a military life.
a. Teach Veterans what ACE is, why it’s important and help them identify their own personal “pre-disposition” resulting from trauma and the effects of PTSD and the “Moral Wounds of War” on their lives due to pre-combat and post-combat trauma.
b. We teach Veterans what PTSD really is, the physical, emotional and physiological changes in the human Limbic System along with “cause and effect” of that Limbic system on PTSD as a result of individual triggers.
c. We teach Spouses, family members, children and significant others what PTSD is and assist the Veteran AND family members to identify their TRIGGERS so they have a better education and understanding of what’s going on with their loved one. Explaining both sides of the issue embeds empathy and compassion for those who suffer from PTSD as well as those who live with the consequences of their loved one living with PTSD.
d. We introduce the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous to educate the Veterans about the consequences of Alcoholism, the effects of Alcohol on the Limbic System and how it affects PTSD. Alcohol is a depressant, which when mixed with Veterans Administration Medication Protocol, can be deadly. Education of their symptoms, the Limbic System, side effects of Pharmaceuticals and the outcome of Suicide as a very real and present danger is mandated.
e. We teach PTSD and how it has affected Warriors throughout history. Romans, Greeks were not allowed back into the village up to 90 days or more depending on how bad the battle was and what happened.
f. “Ceremony for the Dead!” and other ceremonies were highly affective and allowed soldiers to "decompress" after combat. We no longer honor ceremonies in modern times. And if we do, in most cases, they are very short term and do not assist in the decompression process.

2. We teach Transcendental Meditation Techniques as a modality to mitigate PTSD and “The Moral Wounds of War.”
a. Introduction to TM, silent, with and without music, mantra and the ups and downs of both.
(( *** do NOT use TM or other techniques as a method to go to sleep. We highly discourage this practice as it complicates the therapeutic value and often times negates the benefits of TM and breathing techniques as a method of healing.))
b. Each Veteran will receive a lesson plan about what TM is, what it does, why it works and testimony of prior Veteran graduates who have successfully implemented the techniques and how it changed their lives for the better.
c. 15 min introduction, followed by twice a day therapeutic practices.

3. We teach YOGA techniques that benefit those with PTSD. When this is combined with TM and breathing, the combination is highly effective to bring about "Conscious Living Practices" and the intentional living theory of Tier One Veterans.
a. Introduction to Yoga with education about the positive aspects towards mitigating PTSD and the Moral Wounds of War with concentration on the differences of projecting “force” and the de-programming of Military Mentality.
b. Education about “Military Programming and Mindset” compared to “Peaceful Resolution” and mitigation of PTSD symptoms.

4. Teach Mindfulness as a mitigating factor to PTSD symptoms.
b. Education about the phases of learning and maturity in both male and female humans.
c. Conscious living as a response to PTSD symptoms.

5. We network with “Suicide Survivors and Hinds Hospice” to educate those suicidal Veterans about the “ripple effect” that their suicide will have on those around them. We all think we are not loved, or that "no one will miss us". I have news for you. That is NOT TRUE!
Come learn. Come listen. You will be amazed at the scientific data streams about suicide and the effects on loved ones and family members. For example, several studies indicate that the suicide rate among children of suicide victims increased by 43% in daughters and 38% in sons. The IMPACT of parental suicide greatly influences their decision to “attempt” suicide in the past and continues for a lifetime in the future.

6. Our mission is to EDUCATE VETERANS on the side effects of pharmaceuticals on Veteran Suicides, how those medications BLOCK Veteran pursuit of Tranquility and peace and what to do about the VA Protocol. (( I.E. the Benadryl Bounce and side effects in a TBI Brain))

7. We network with "America's Mighty Warriors" founded by Debbie Lee, mother to Marc Lee the first Navy SEAL to die in combat in Iraq. We educate Veterans on up to date modalities, therapeutic efforts to heal and mitigate Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), update Veterans on the latest in technology and medical understanding of the PTSD/TBI brain. ((America's Mighty Warriors is a 501C3 non-profit endeavoring to get Veterans into a hyperbaric chamber for treatment at different atmospheres. Please check out their website))
a. TBI, what it is, Iranian influence on Focused Charges and the exponential damage to brain tissue as a result.
b. that “Buzz” feeling after the IED went off was your brain dying.
c. Hyperbaric Chambers and high-oxygen concentration environment. What it does, how to get tested.
d. Why it’s so important to be diagnosed. Forget your ego, think about your loved ones!
e. Rage, PTSD and the Traumatic Brain Injury. There are ways to diagnose besides autopsy! (highlight Suicide to the chest vs High Speed intercranial Lead Therapy).
f. Suicide and “Programming” from childhood. “use a 12 gauge”, impact of movies…etc.

8. We encourage "Soldier Stories". Most programs don't want anyone talking about what happened. Tier One is different. Although we HIGHLY DISCOURAGE WAR STORIES as an ego booster, everyone selected and approved to come to Tier One has their own story and we feel it's very important to TELL YOUR STORY. We teach everyone why those stories are important to talk about, as well as why so many “men don’t talk about anything". This is all about educating Veterans about the male ego vs what happened and the programming we have endured from childhood to ETS. In the end, while these "Soldier Stories" are important, you'll eventually come to realize that the story itself is not important. It's no longer about "what happened". It's about what you do NEXT! And that my friend, is the first step to TRUE HEALING!

9. The importance of “Mission NEXT”:
"It’s not about what happened, it’s about what you do NEXT!"
a. Military training vs your current life (PT and daily military life schedule vs depression and nothing to do in a day)
b. Finding something that gets you out of bed in the morning, instead of falling into the pattern of despair, depression and “no clock to follow” attitude.
c. We have a test for each soldier to take after you complete the program course of instruction. This test will assist in finding the right courses of action to get you on your feet and "back in the saddle, back into battle" so to speak. ((find the TEST stuff that sorts out who you really are, what you are “good at” vs what makes you TICK!
d. LEMOORE contact: (Transition Office). (( provide data on what our networking with Lemoore and Tracy Depot has to do with Tier One Tranquility Base))

10. First Responder’s Course:
"Counseling Cops and networking with the First Responder's Network"
a. Why PTSD has nothing to do with Combat and everything to do with being HUMAN!
b. The Amygdala, the Limbic System and centuries of primal survival.
c. Society and mis-guided approaches to PTSD.
d. Labels, ignorance and the consequences of having PTSD in society. (Male and Female perspectives)

HONOR CALL: After you complete the program, you'll have a better understanding WHY "conscious living" is so important. The sooner a Veteran can recognize they are traveling to that dark place, the sooner they can "HONOR CALL" and get some help. Often times, it's way more difficult to turn things around to a positive outcome when a Warrior is already at the bottom of the drain pipe and can't see anything else but darkness. As an adjunct to this program, we instill into each participant the need for Honor Calls. Each graduate takes a VOW of Honor and they promise to their Brothers and Sisters that if they ever get to that point again, they will take the very last step before the act and CALL someone in their honor chain.

This is about TEAM again. NOT the lone stranger sitting on the couch at Ft. Livingroom. This is about Honor, Loyalty and Integrity at a TIER ONE level. Because after you get done with the Tier One program, you'll be more concerned with your Brother on your left and right than yourself. We routinely call, text and Facetime what we call "Pulse Checks"...checking in just to say HEY, to see that we're all OK and to let someone know you "give a shit".

Veterans who finish this program, VOW to do this as a matter of honor. And believe me, when you're done with this program, you'll WANT TO. It's no longer about "having to cause I too an oath". It's genuinely a lifestyle choice.

Selfless service is the ground floor to living a productive and fruitful life. Gratitude comes next somewhere in the mix. The result has been astounding. Tied to our two year "Pulse Check" program, we stay connected on a routine basis so we don’t suddenly get a phone call and are “shocked” that someone died at their own hand. By staying connected, genuinely as Brothers and Sisters, we can catch one another BEFORE we end up in the dark drain pipe. De-programming away from Suicide is a huge part of our success.

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