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Steven Kuryla



After my own lifetime of deployments and dedication to mission, I found myself as "excess luggage" after a catastrophic spinal injury exacerbated by medical malpractice. When I finally found the strength to "ASK FOR HELP", I was met with lip service and mounds of pills. There was no alternative. There were plenty of civilian organizations to go to, but they were structured around the insurance industry and their business model was about making profit. After years of searching, after going down my own very dark drain pipe, I developed a program for returning Veterans that I wished was there when I returned. Tier One Tranquility Base was organized in 2010. The last eight years, the program has been very private, off the radar and has gone thru a number of revisions and validation. We are "going live and public" in 2019 due to the enormity of the problem at hand. We need everyone to pitch in, donate, volunteer and assist with this enormous problem of Veteran suicides. I founded Tier One Tranquility Base because there wasn't anything for me when I returned. Reaching back to help the next generation of returning Veterans, having a positive impact to mitigate the enormous tragedy of Veteran suicides is not just a calling. It's a DUTY!